What is HTML5 and Why Is It Important?

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HTML5 is a markup language that first appeared in January 2008. Since then, two significant organisations have been active in the development of HTML5. The World Wide Web Consortium and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group are two such organisations.

These groups claim to have been working on HTML5 since the beginning. As a result, the HTML5 language is currently in development. The new standard includes functionality like video playback and drag-and-drop that were previously only available through third-party     browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 introduced a number of new elements and attributes that helps in building a modern websites.

  • The DOCTYPE declaration is very Simple
    <!DOCTYPE html>
  • HTML5, the default character encoding is UTF-8

  • HTML5 Supports all the modern web browsers


HTML5 adds a number of new elements, mostly to improve document structure.

New Semantic Elements in HTML5:



Defines a header for the document or a section


Groups heading elements


Defines navigation links in the document


Defines a section in the document


Defines the main content of a document


Defines an article in the document


Defines content aside from the page content


Defines a footer for the document or a section


Defines additional details that the user can view or hide


Defines a visible heading for a <details> element

<header> Example :The <header> element is used to group the header elements of a document.

HTML5 introduces a number of new form elements:

Tag Description
<datalist> Defines pre-defined options for input controls
<keygen> Defines a key-pair generator field (for forms)
<output> Defines the result of a calculation
<meter> Displays the measurement

HTML5 introduces a number of <Canvas>elements:

Tag Description
<canvas> Defines graphic drawing using JavaScript

HTML5 introduces a number of Media elements:

Tag Description
<audio> Defines sound or music content
<video> Defines video or movie content
<source> Defines sources for <video> and <audio>
<track> Defines tracks for <video> and <audio>
<embed> Defines containers for external applications (like plug-ins)


Why HTML5?


HTML5 makes creating accessible sites easier for two main reasons: semantics and ARIA. The new (some currently available) HTML headings like <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>, <aside>, etc

Video and Audio Support:

Forget about Flash Player and other third party media players, make your videos and audio truly accessible with the new HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags. 

Cleaner Code:

passionate about simple, elegant, easy to read code then HTML5 is the best for you. HTML5 allows you to write clear and descriptive code, semantic code that allows you to easily separate meaning from style and content

It’s the Future:

HTML5 is not going anywhere and as more and more elements get adopted more and more companies will start to develop in HTML5.


Author: Syed Haroon

Microsoft Certified Trainer |Azure Developer Associate | Technical Coordinator at Kovai.co having 13 years of experience in training on. Net Full Stack and Software Development, Pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science, and Master of Computer Applications.

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