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BizTalk360 is a community-oriented company and we follow the footsteps of Microsoft to build a strong community ecosystem. TechMeet360 is a community for tech professionals, developers and students to share and explore about the latest Microsoft Technologies. We conduct various events in Coimbatore and across other locations in India.

Until last year, in our organization, we used to run a one-hour learning session every Thursday named, T3 – TechTalk Thursday where the BizTalk360 members come together and learn together. In 2019, we changed this pattern, like we will spend one-half day every month where we will have four sessions including both technical and non-technical.

We executed this plan on January 24th, 2019. In this blog, we will see what all are the sessions covered in this respective event.


Arunkumar Kumaresan kick-started the event by introducing about the sessions to be covered and also he encouraged the participants to make these sessions as an interactive one.

Session 1 : Need to know in Web Application Security

Ezhilarasi Kesavan started her session by giving an overview of the latest hacks and breaches happened recently in 2018. And also, she shared some checklist that we should take care off whenever we develop a web application.

She also mentioned some websites like where we can check whether our mail id is pawned. And also showed some interesting reports and statistics about the frequently used hacking techniques.

Session 2: Gargantuan I’s of Design(Information, Interaction and Interface)

Helen Lenin session was something different from a developer point of view. She shared some interesting points of look and feel of a website where alignment and colors play an important role in it. And also she mentioned about the Z-Pattern & F-Pattern of showing data on a website.


After a short break, Kuppurasu Nagaraj conducted a general quiz competition. The questions included both technical and general one. The quiz pumped up the excitement for our next two sessions.

Session 3: Angular Change detection and Zone js

Kishorekumar Ashok started his session by mentioning why should we use Change detection in our angular application. He also introduced to zone js and also showed us what are all the methods available in zone js library.

Enough of talking, he also jumped into action by showing us a demo which clearly explains about the difference of using zone js and change detection in our respective angular application.

Session 4 : Role of Technical Support in Software Development

Sivaramakrishnan Arumugam and Praveena Jayanarayanan made us realize that support for the customers are very important. These two people provide support for the customers of BizTalk360 product. They shared us the process of handling the support tickets and also scheduling the meetings effectively to solve their problems as quicker as possible.

They also mentioned the qualities of support person about how calmly we should respond to the customer and also it’s true that communication plays an important role whenever we handle support for the customers.


On behalf of TechMeet360, we would like to sincerely thank all the speakers and participants for making this event as a successful one. We will also publish separate blogs on the sessions covered.

Together we learn! Together we grow!

Author: Suhas Parameshwara

Suhas Parameshwara is a Full Stack Web Application Developer working with Kovai.Co. He acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore). He has around 3+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies such as C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, SQL, Azure, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and UI technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, and Angular. He is also a Blogger and a Speaker and tries to grab all the opportunities to stay connected with the technical community. For his continuous contribution to the community, he has been recognized as Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies Category from 2020.

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