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BizTalk360 is a community driven company and we follow the footsteps of Microsoft to build a strong community ecosystem. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients’ toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change. BizTalk360 has been consistently organizing many technology focused events across the world over the past few years – from one-day meetup events to 3-day global summits. Few of our flagship events include –

  2. Integration User Group
    1. Integration Monday
    2. Middleware Friday
  3. TechMeet360


BizTalk360 - Microsoft Integration Community EVents

INTEGRATE is the premier integration conference for anyone who is working in Microsoft Integration space. We take pride in organizing this 3-day event every year covering technologies like On-premise, Cloud and Hybrid Integration. We bring speakers from Microsoft Product Group and the Integration community for the global audience. We have been organizing these events since 2014, and the event has grown both in the number of attendees and the crux of information that is shared with the community.

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Integration User Group

Integration User Group, fondly referred as IUG is aimed to educate, evangelize, and inform the global community about various integration technologies, and how developers and architects of various, yet intersecting disciplines can share and learn about the evolving integration and messaging capabilities of the Microsoft platform. Under Integration User Group, we organize two initiatives – Integration Monday and Middleware Friday.

Integration Monday and Middleware Friday

Integration Monday

– Integration Monday is a community initiative brought to you by Michael Stephenson & Saravana Kumar and sponsored by BizTalk360. This initiative is focused on bringing Integration specific webinars from Microsoft Product Group, MVP’s, Community Members, and Customers. The webinars take place at 7:30 PM British Time every Monday. Till date (as of writing this blog post), we have organized 102 webinars from 58 different speakers in the community including Microsoft Product Group. Very recently, we conducted our 100th Integration Monday session where we had a complete Microsoft Product Group presence answering the questions from the community. Read this blog post to get a recap of the special event. To know more about Integration Monday and why we started this initiative, you can read this blog post.

Middleware Friday

– Middleware Friday is fairly a new concept that we introduced in 2017 after seeing the success of Integration Monday. Kent Weare, a Microsoft Integration MVP, will bring in some interesting topics about Integration in a vlog (video blog) format. Middleware Friday is something very much like a short news update on the latest integration trends every Friday. You can watch the recordings of the videos on the event website, and we have detailed blogs covering each episode on the BizTalk360 Blogs page.


technical community in india

Despite Integration User Group covering most of our global integration community, our aim was to organize similar kind of events in India to build a strong integration focused community and empower the technology enthusiasts. To facilitate this, we formed the TechMeet360 initiative. As a part of this initiative, we organize regular meetup events (at Coimbatore and across other locations in India) for enthusiasts who are keen to make a mark in the technology arena. We have conducted over 20+ MeetUp and large events in Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Gurgaon over the last 9 months.

TechMeet360 is a community for IT professionals and developers to exchange their knowledge and experience using various methods such as contributing articles, forums, blogs, and videos.
With TechMeet360, there are endless possibilities to explore different technologies and learn from the industry experts. Join us for these events and build your technology expertise. You can also join our TechMeet360 Meetup Channel to get to know about our forthcoming events.

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