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Microsoft Build 2020 is an annual conference event by Microsoft, aimed towards software engineers and web developers using Windows, Azure, and other Microsoft technologies. It was first held in 2011 and it got a great response and support from the devs all over the regions.

Microsoft conducts this event every year and in this blog, we are going to see the updates about the keynote given by Satya Nadella at #MSBuild2020.

Keynote starts on May 19th, 2020 at 8.20 AM PDT. Stay tuned.


Yes, MSBuild2020 is live. It’s going to be excited. Register for MSBuild using the below link.

Microsoft Learn is one of the good platforms for all the students out there. It is completely free and all the courses are periodically updated. Try out Microsoft learn from this link.

Empowering every Developer

Satya Nadella

The Keynote was started by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. He started his session by showing his sympathy and gratitude to all the employees who work from home irrespective of all these crises. And also he mentioned that build is one of his favorite events. He mentioned some interesting projects that have been done which were very helpful during these crises. The role of developers is very much important for evolving technologies.

The mission of Microsoft is,

Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

He mentioned that GitHub is the home for developers. 50 Million developers use GitHub. Visual Studio Code is the world’s most popular code editor. For the past two months, they have seen an increase in developer activities such as,

  • 17% pull request creation
  • 16% push volume
  • 27% Open Source Projects Created

Microsoft trying to build a complete toolchain for developers for making our development activity at ease. Azure+ GitHub + Visual Studio Code makes a developer more powerful and it is very useful to increase productivity.

Codespace makes GitHub more powerful. It allows the developer to quickly provision a sandbox in the cloud. And also it is preinstalled with VSCode with the default options. You can work from any device at any time you want. A developer can review your pull request with GitHub Actions, kick off a build, quality, and security checks and also he can view even an app live in Azure.

Power Platform

There are 3.5 Million people using Power Platform. It is a tool to build low-code/no-code applications which will be very useful to automate their respective stuff.

In the month of March, they saw a 50% increase in PowerApps users. But this month they have seen around a 70% increase in professional developers using PowerApps. And also they have seen 70k new organizations started using Power Apps this year.

The next thing Satya is going to talk about is Distributed Infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure

95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. They are building Azure as the world’s computer and also they have 61 data regions more than any other cloud provider and they are the only cloud extends to the edge with all the flexibility.

Azure Arc is the first control plane built for a Multi-Cloud and Multi-Edge World. And also they are taking Azure Arc to Kubernetes to make it more Powerful.

Azure Synapse, a new architecture that helps developers to do live analytics on real-time data. Cosmos DB and Synapse will make the best pair for live analytics.

Azure AI has some comprehensive tools such as Azure Cognitive Services. And also Project Bonsai brings power to Physical System. AI SuperComputer is one of the good initiatives which was taken in MSBuild 2019 and they are making good progress on it.

Microsoft 365

The next update on Microsoft365. They have seen a tremendous usage of Microsoft365. There are over 75 Million daily active users in the Microsoft Teams and 1 Billion monthly Windows 10 active devices. Moreover, they have seen a 75% increase in minutes spent on Windows 10 a month.

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft365. The number of organizations integrating third-party lines of business apps with teams has been increased 3x in the past couple of months. And in the next level, they are making it more powerful with forms, Visual Studio Integration etc., 

Here’s a video about how Microsoft Technologies helps developers.

There is some interesting conversion going on between Satya and Greg. Satya asked Greg to explain about Folding at Home Project. This seems to be interesting.

Here’s one more inspirational video,

Microsoft Teams helped them a lot in their process. That was a cool keynote. Thanks, Satya.

Tune onto for more interesting sessions.

Hail Microsoft!

Happy Coding!


Author: Suhas Parameshwara

Suhas Parameshwara is a Full Stack Web Application Developer working with Kovai.Co. He acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore). He has around 3+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies such as C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, SQL, Azure, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and UI technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, and Angular. He is also a Blogger and a Speaker and tries to grab all the opportunities to stay connected with the technical community. For his continuous contribution to the community, he has been recognized as Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies Category from 2020.

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