Microsoft Connect(); 2018 Recap

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Microsoft Connect(); is an event in which we receive some updates about latest Microsoft technologies. Recently we conducted an event, Microsoft Connect(); 2018 Live Streaming Party at BizTalk360, Coimbatore. We had around 30+ participants for this event. Thanks Microsoft, for sponsoring us to make this event as a successful one and I’m sharing few pictures from this event.


Therefore, in this blog we’ll see an detailed recap of Microsoft Connect(); 2018 event.

Scott Guthrie kick-started this event by mentioning “The World runs on Software” and this is right time of being an developer. He also mentions that the goal of Microsoft is to make the work of developers at ease. And also, he mentioned that we will see some interesting demo’s that would make us realize that these Microsoft technologies are faster, reliable, independent of which operating system they run on and makes the life of developers very easy and comfortable.

Quick Demo’s

There were some quick demo’s by various Microsoft Developer’s which were quite interesting.

Chris Dias & Amanda Silver – Chris gave some updates about VS code. Now, to traverse between the files you can use breadcrumbs. And also, to make your development faster you can use Visual Studio Intellicode extension that is available in VS code. Amanda joined his workspace by using Live Share extension. They started a collaborative session of debugging the code. That was a cool demo by Chris and Amanda.

Nat FriedMan & Jessie Frazelle – He mentions that GitHub is the largest developer community with 33M+ developers and nearly 1B+ contributions and over 100M repositories. Jessie gave some updates about how GitHub show’s the respective developer contributions. And also she showed how GitHub interacts with the third party tools.

Donovan Brown– He gave some quick demo about how azure pipelines can be integrated with GitHub. We can use azure-pipelines.yml file to mention the properties of the respective azure pipelines.


Scott Guthrie – He announced the release of Visual Studio 2019(Preview version 1) and also .NET Core 3(Preview version 1)

Scott Hanselman – He joined this one of the quickest demo of Visual Studio 2019. He showed us some 10 years old code and tried to clean up the code using Code clean up and also he showed how Live unit test works around in Visual Studio 2019. It was more faster than Visual Studio 2017. He also mentioned that WPF has now became as open source.

Jeff Hollan – He came to show us an demo about the Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS). He used Azure Cosmos db as his application’s backend.  He also mentioned that application insight’s in Azure is very powerful.

Rimma Nehme – She gave us an demo about Azure Cosmos db by showing us how to create an globally distributed Azure Database. Creating global distributed database in azure is faster than ordering a pizza. She also mentioned what are all the Pros and Cons of Cosmos db.

Seth Juarez & Jesse Parelius – Both of them gave us an demo about Azure Cognitive Services. And also they used Lebron Jame’s pictures to describe about how powerful these Azure Cognitive Services work.

Brief Sessions

Visual Studio 2019

The first session was kick started by Scott Hanselman to briefly describe about Visual Studio 2019. Improvement on intellisense of VS2019 make’s our life easier. And also, he showed how Live share extension works.

In the above picture you can see like they are debugging the code using collaborative session. Visual Studio 2019 supports many extensions like this which makes the life of developer’s easy.

Few people joined with Scott Hanselman to add a little more spice to this session.

  • Cecil Phillip came to show us a demo about deploying web apps to Azure using Visual Studio 2019. She also showed us how to effectively monitor your web apps by using Application Insights.
  • Christos Matskas demo was very much impressive like he developed an Xamarin mobile application to monitor and control his azure services. He used Azure Cosmos db as his backend. Azure services include azure functions, Azure Cosmos db, Logic Apps etc.
  • Francesca Lazzeri gave an introduction about how we can build intelligent apps with Python and Azure Machine Learning.

Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS)

The second session was kick started by Brendan Burns. He gave a detailed introduction of Kubernetes by using some real time examples.

To know more about Kubernetes, you can refer this link.

More thoughts on Visual Studio 2019

The third session was kick started by Unni Ravindranathan and Amanda Silver to share some thoughts on Visual Studio 2019.

  • Unni showed us the revamped Visual Studio on MAC System and also they improved the performance and intellisense of VS2019.
  • They also improved the overall search experience, running most of the tasks background which improved the performance of Visual Studio 2019.
  • Amanda showed us the revamped Visual Studio Windows System. The start-up screen of Visual Studio 2019 is cooler and there is a new window available after start-up screen of Visual Studio 2019 from where you can choose recent projects to open or you can also clone the projects from GitHub.

Azure Pipelines

The fourth session was kick started by Ed Thomson. He started by showing us how we can integrate GitHub project into Azure Pipelines.

He also showed how we can create an new pipeline by using an yml file. You just have to configure the properties of the pipeline in azure-pipelines.yml file and just import it in the Azure DevOps project. And also, briefed about the difference between build pipelines and release pipelines.

.NET Today and Tomorrow

The sixth session was started by  Scott Hunter and Mike Harsh to give an update on .NET today and tomorrow.

  • Scott Hunter spoke about the updates of .NET Core 3.
  • He started his demo by explaining his WPF application.
  • He changed his WPF project to .NET Core 3 project with a one-line command.

Azure IoT

The seventh session was started by Suz Hinton to give a demo on Azure IoT with Node.js and the MXChip.

  • She started to describe about MXChip.
  • She just connected MXChip with her laptop and started her demo.
  • A set of GIF populates the application’s database.
  • MXChip receives the data from the database and it starts playing on the display of MXChip.

AI and Micro Services

The eight session was started by Eric Boyd. This session was most like Q&A session and he also describes how AI overcomes humans. And also he mentioned that Azure Cognitive Services plays a vital role for AI.

The ninth session was started by Brian Benz to describe about Java and MicroProfile: Building microservices in style.

  • He gave an introduction about thorntail.
  • And also, he tried to explain about the micro services using minesweeper game.

Application Insights

The last session of Microsoft Connect(); 2018 was given by Andrew Hall  and Paul Yuknewicz.  Basically this session was covering some important information about Application Insights.

  • They showed us a demo of deploying some web apps in Azure app services.
  • And they gave us a detailed description of Application Insights.


These are some important updates of Microsoft Connect(); 2018. To view the official Microsoft videos, you can refer this link. In this event we can clearly see how Microsoft make’s the developer’s life very easy and comfortable. If you missed Microsoft Connect(); 2018 live Streaming Party, don’t worry. Join us at Connect(); 2018 Local Event on 22 December 2018 at Hubfly. A half day of dev-focused delight – including updates on Azure and Visual Studio, demos, and real-time coding with experts. It’s a free event. You can find the event details in this link.

Hail Microsoft!

Stay tuned to TechMeet360 for more interesting updates!

Happy Coding


Author: Suhas Parameshwara

Suhas Parameshwara is a Full Stack Web Application Developer working with Kovai.Co. He acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore). He has around 3+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies such as C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, SQL, Azure, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and UI technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, and Angular. He is also a Blogger and a Speaker and tries to grab all the opportunities to stay connected with the technical community. For his continuous contribution to the community, he has been recognized as Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies Category from 2020.

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