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On March 24, 2018, TechMeet360 — a Microsoft Recognized Technical Community — organized the Global Integration Bootcamp event at Microsoft GTSC campus in Bangalore. Global Integration Bootcamp is a one day world-wide event, user groups and communities around the world, backed by Microsoft, for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft’s integration story.  In this full-day boot camp we have deep-dive into Microsoft’s integration stack.

The huge energetic crowd converged at the venue for the Global Integration Bootcamp event around 8:30 AM. The audience included developers and entrepreneurs from top companies in India.

Welcome Address and What happened in Microsoft Integration last year

The Welcome Note was given by Sriram Hariharan. After the introduction, Sriram kicked off the Global Integration Bootcamp 2018 event by talking about the progress Microsoft had made in 2017 in the integration space. He covered the updates from the BizTalk server team (Feature Pack releases, CU updates), updates from the Logic Apps and Azure Function team. This set the tone for the rest of the day and the attendees were all set to learn about Microsoft technologies

Session 1 – Microsoft Integration Stack

Global Integration Bootcamp

The first session was from Arvind Chaudhary. Arvind works as the Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad. He started his session about Microsoft Integration Stack and described the collection of products, services and technology targeted for integration. He spoke about BizTalk Server — a messaging product with a wide range of connectivity options by its rich adapter set, powerful transformation capabilities and orchestration engine, why to use it.

Session 2 – Deep Dive of Integration with Logic App Microsoft is Modernizing B2B Integration – Journey, Challenges and Best Practices

Global Integration Bootcamp

After a short coffee break, Amarendra Singh from Microsoft took the stage to present on the topic Integration with Logic App Microsoft is Modernizing B2B Integration – Journey, Challenges and Best Practices. He showed various workflows that can integrate with applications, systems, data and services across the enterprises or organizations. He explained how we can use Azure Logic Apps for business-to-business (B2B) workflows and seamlessly connect disparate systems across on-premises and cloud environments.

He also showed us a demo on how organizations can exchange messages through industry standard protocols like AS2, X12 and EDIFACT. He described how to Create your own APIs and custom connectors that you can call from logic apps. This was really an interesting session and received good response from the attendees.

 Session 3 – Hybrid Integration – BizTalk Server + Azure Logic Apps

Global Integration Bootcamp

Next session was on Hybrid Integration. This session was from DPS Bali from Shell. Bali explained the Hybrid Integration – BizTalk Server + Azure Logic Apps. He started off talking about the difference between BizTalk Server 2016 and BizTalk Server 2016 Feature Pack 1. He explained about the integration of BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps.

He showed how Logic App adapter is be used to integrate Logic Apps and BizTalk sitting on premise. He focused mainly on Azure on-premise integration and Logic Apps addresses integration needs via Software as a Service (SaaS). Queries came from most of the attendees. This was also a very interactive session.

Session 4 – Enterprise Integration Pack

Global Integration Bootcamp

The last session before lunch was from Shree Divya and Shailesh Agre on Enterprise Integration Pack. The first part of the session was taken by Shree Divya. She explained about Enterprise Integration and how it uses integration accounts to simplify the storage and management of artifacts used in B2B communications. These accounts are cloud-based containers that store all your artifacts, like schemas, partners, certificates, maps, and agreements.

Shailesh Agre continued the session. He explained about Why should we should use Enterprise Integration, How to get started with it and explain some common scenarios. He explained how to build and manage B2B apps with the Enterprise Integration Pack through the Logic App Designer in the Azure portal. His session on Enterprise Integration helped the attendees on working with Integration pack with ease on Azure. He explained his topic quite interestingly.

Lunch time!!

Global Integration Bootcamp

After the morning sessions at Global Integration Bootcamp, it was time for the attendees to enjoy the lunch offered by Microsoft. Even though it was the lunch break, most of participants utilized the time to interact with the speakers and clarifying their doubts which is the whole point of any community events.

Session 5 – Azure Gateway – Connecting from On-Premises

Global Integration Bootcamp

After the lunch break, it was time for Prachand Kumar and Charan Mysore Suresh to take stage and talk on their topic about Azure Gateway. Prachand Kumar started his session with great enthusiasm which he made sure to spread this to the participants as well. He talked about how the on-premises data gateway acts as a bridge, providing secure data transfer between on-premises data sources and your Azure Analysis Services servers in the cloud. He also showed couple of demos on. Charan explained about how on-premises data gateway works with the architecture. Queries came from most of the attendees. This made sure it was an interactive session after a yummy lunch session.

Session 6 – Hybrid Integration

 It was time for the final session of the day by Arunkumar Kumaresan on Hybrid Integration. Arun discussed the hybrid integration concepts and made sure attendees took away something really useful from his session/the whole day.

Vote of Thanks

Global Integration Bootcamp Global Integration Bootcamp Global Integration Bootcamp

The Global Integration Bootcamp ended with a Thank You Note and a Kuppurasu Nagaraj delivered the vote of thanks. He thanked everyone involved for making the event a successful one. Arunkumar also gave out mementos to the speakers for their active participation in the event.


Finally the Global Integration Bootcamp event ended with a big applause by the participants and this indicted the event was a success. It was almost time to say goodbye to all the attendees and with this the Global Integration Bootcamp event came to close. We had sense of satisfaction after not just being able to successfully execute the event but the event hosted in India is the biggest in number of participants among all the countries that conducted the Global Integration Bootcamp. Our sincere thanks to all the speakers, Microsoft GTSC Bangalore and specially to the attendees for making this event a grand success.

The organizers of TechMeet360 thanked all the attendees and speakers for their support for the Global Integration Bootcamp event. The event concluded with a group photograph session.

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