On April 27, 2019 all the Microsoft Azure MVP’s around the world will organize the Azure Meetups and learn about Azure and join under the social hashtag #GlobalAzure. It is an annual event run by azure community and this was the Seventh Edition of Global Azure Bootcamp. It has taken place in 324 locations around the world and 20000 attendees participated in this event.

TechMeet360 – a Microsoft Recognized Technical Community where you can interact and explore about the latest Microsoft technologies with the industry experts. We conducted Global Azure Bootcamp – 2019 event at SIEMA hall in Coimbatore.



The day started with Arunkumar Kumaresan oration by giving the keynote about the event. And he covered the history of the Global Azure Bootcamp which will take place around the world on the same day. He discussed the azure passes which was sponsored by Microsoft. Finally, he shared the agenda of the event. This set the tone for the rest of the day and the attendees were all set to learn about the latest updates in Azure.

Session 1: Latest Improvements in Azure Portal

Kuppurasu Nagaraj started his session by introducing the Azure Portal and later he started to explain about the new improvements in the Azure portal. He covered the new UI for creating the Virtual machine. And explained about various data centers available all over the world and different locations in India.

The session was very interactive by posting questions to the audience. Those who came back with the correct answers have rewarded with the Azure badge from Kuppurasu.

Session 2: Azure Web Apps – Deep dive

After getting to understand the Azure portal, Vishnu Balachandran started his session by giving an introduction to the Azure Web Apps and how to create a web application with different environmental slots.

He demonstrated how to create the web apps in the Azure portal and how can we publish it using Visual Studio. He also created the two different environment slots (for Staging and Production) and explained about the code swap between two different environments.

Session 3: Introduction to App Insights and Azure Monitor

After a short break with coffee and snacks, Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan has started her session with positive vibes by giving a brief introduction to the App Insights and Azure Monitor. She explained about Serverless Architecture and the difference between the App Insights and Azure monitor by comparing with different parameters.

Session 4: Introduction to Azure Service Fabric

Rajeshkannan Palanimuthu started his session by introducing the concepts of Microservices and Azure Service Fabric. He also explained about the Azure core services which use the fabric, service fabric product offerings. And also he gave a brief introduction to clusters, nodes, and partitions, and finally deployments and upgrades.

He jumped into the Visual Studio and created the ASP .NET Service Fabric application and demonstrated about creating applications and also services in his local cluster using service fabric explorer.

Session 5: Introduction to Azure cache for Redis

Performance is an important aspect of all web applications. Senthil Palanisamy started his session by explaining how to improve the performance of the web application by using the concepts of Caching. He also talked about the various caching mechanism and explained about the Redis cache implementation in detail by explaining about Inproc, Session state, Memcache and how it works with an application to fetch the data from the database.

Session 6: Visual studio code – Deep dive

Once after the yummy Lunch (#Subway), Suhas Parameshwara started his session by giving the introduction about the Visual Studio Code. He also covered the new release of Visual Studio 2019. And also the comparison between Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code.

He jumped into the Visual Studio Code and created the project and explained each file in it and some interesting shortcuts and also he covered about the Search, Source Control and the Azure Functions extension in Visual Studio Code.

Session 7: Introduction to Azure DevOps

Pandiyan Murugan started his session in a very dynamic manner. He showed some funny images related to the Azure DevOps concepts to make the audience easily understand the concepts. He explained why the companies are moving to the DevOps model. And also he showed us the difference between the Dev and Ops, and changes between VSTS and Azure DevOps.

He jumped into the Azure DevOps board and also he explained about the features like creating the stories, epics, tasks and the team members involved in the project and demonstrated about the builds with passed and failed status with messages. Later he talked about the Microsoft open source and integration with GitHub and explained about the pqm(performance-quality-maintenance) factors.

Q&A Session

Finally, we have the Question and Answer session. The audience came up with different questions and also appreciated the speakers and posted the suggestion about the event.


Therefore the day went well with interactive sessions with the speakers and also with the audience. Finally, we thank all the speakers, attendees and the organizers to make this event a great success.

Stay tuned to TechMeet360 for more interesting updates.

Author: Haripriya Loganathan

I'm working as a Junior Software Engineer at Biztalk360.

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