Inauguration of BizTalk360 Center of Excellence

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Note: This write-up was drafted by SECE Third Year CSE Students – Santhosh.V, Rajkumar.S, Vandhana.S, Vinothini.B & Krithika.S.

It was one of the memorable days for all of us as the day had witnessed two milestone events – the Inauguration of BizTalk360 CoE (Center of Excellence) and Innovative Clubs of CSE Association.

inaugurating BizTalk360 COE at SECE

Soon after the inauguration of CoE, the entire floor was completely packed with positive vibes by the very presence of our Principal and the BizTalk360 team.
Inauguration of BizTalk360 Center of Excellence

Each new day is a new opportunity to improve oneself. Make use of it

Most dignified personalities – Dr.Sudha Mohanram, Principal,  Dr.Kannan Narasimhan, IT Director and Mr.Balamano Ranjith Baskaran, Assistant Manager – Operations had set the tone for the auspicious program by strongly emphasizing on the industry relevant education.

Dr.Kannan Narasimhan quoted, how beneficial and prestigious the CoE is for all.  In continuation, he had highlighted the success of BizTalk360 and its achievements within a short span. He stressed that students must be industry deployable and it is the need of the hour in IT sector. Further, he had also extended invitation to the industries to come forward to train the students to achieve the above objective.

Mr.Balamano Ranjith had shared with us the inspiring story of the evolution of BizTalk360 and narrated how the discussion across the table over a cup of coffee during one of the Microsoft Global MVP Summits made Mr.Saravana Kumar establish BizTalk360.

“It is not the count, that matters, but the potential within”.  BizTalk360 is a living example of the quote, it has only a few employees with 500+ customers.  He also introduced the two products BizTalk360 and ServiceBus360. It was quite impressive and interesting to get to know the strong association that exists between BizTalk360 and Microsoft.

Post which, MoU was exchanged between Dr.Sudha Mohanram, Principal, Sri Eshwar College of Engineering and Mr.Arunkumar Kumaresan, Director – Product Engineering, BizTalk360 in the presence of Mr.Mohanram, Chairman, Sri Eshwar College of Engineering.

Inauguration of BizTalk360 Center of Excellence

Mr.Balamano Ranjith Baskaran had briefed the objective of MoU and the planned activities. In addition, he had clearly stated what is in it for – students, faculty members, and SECE. Further, Mr.Kuppurasu, Technical Coordinator, BizTalk360 handed over the course material and hands-on lab manual to the faculty coordinators of CoE – Mr.Karthikeyan and Ms.Jayapratha towards the end.

Dr.Subha, HOD – CSE had delivered the introductory note on CSE Association and Clubs.

After which, Innovative Clubs were inaugurated by Mr.Arunkumar Kumaresan. The office bearers of the club were invited to the stage to receive their badges and also to share the nature of activities planned across clubs. It was facilitated by Mr.Arunkumar Kumaresan, Mr.Balamano Ranjith Baskaran, and Mr.Sriram Hariharan. The video created by CSE students was played and it received remarkable applause from everyone.

Soon after, Mr.Sriram Hariharan had surprised everyone with the launch of the “TechMeet360” website. More surprisingly, it was launched by five of the students who were recently recruited by BizTalk360 during the campus recruitment program. Further, he gave insight on TechMeet360 and how it helps the technology community. In addition, he had shared the information related to Integration User Groups”.

Inauguration of BizTalk360 Center of Excellence

Mr.Arunkumar Kumaresan during his speech insisted the students sharpen the axe before proceeding with the action. He briefed it through a story. He also highlighted the benefits of Center of Excellence. He also elaborated on training the students upon technologies like .NET, ASP, Cloud, and Big Data as well.

At the end of the forenoon session, the Visionary Chairman, Mr.MohanRam had reinforced the real benefits of industry – institution collaboration.

Inauguration of BIZTALK360 CoE, CSE Association and Clubs – 2017

BizTalk360 is as promising as a Sun. They wanted to give activities and engage with the students in a truly effective way as a Golden mark of the beginning of MoU(Memorandum of Understanding).

Out of 95 MVP’s in India, 4 of them were present, to interact and enable the students to get exposed to the trending technologies with live demonstration. The post lunch session was started with the Roadshow on Microsoft Technologies, the very first activity of CoE.

Inauguration of BizTalk360 Center of Excellence

Firstly, Mr.Kuppurasu Nagaraj delivered a presentation on the topic – Microsoft Azure Cloud Services that enabled the students to understand how to make use of different Azure Cloud Services. The facts related to “Azure supports Linux services” was very interesting.

Next to interact was Mr.Sunny Sharma from Gurugram who elaborated on Visual Studio.  Visual Studio’s features, development, language support, community support, promising bug-cleared updates were discussed during the session.  The highlights on Visual Studio Code and a vlog site “Pluralsights” were very interesting.

Following which, Mr.Gowtham.K started his session with a question – why do you love Microsoft? It gave us an opportunity to know about every individual’s opinion on Microsoft and Microsoft’s societal projects and its development towards future technology. During the course of the session,  he had introduced Microsoft’s Open source application – Visual Studio Code.  The rest of the topics included .NET core, ASP .NET etc.

Last but not the least, Mr.Mohammed Ramees made the last presentation packed with fun blended strong message.  He had interacted with students as a fellow-college mate but made us realize “who an Engineer is”. His contributions towards the society at this very young age had inspired us to make use of our precious time in a fulfilled manner.  He had taught us about professionalism and how the interviewing panel selects candidates by making use of Social Media and the content in Resume.

Finally, Mr.Balamano Ranjith Baskaran invited Mr.Kuppurasu Nagaraj to felicitate the MVPs for their valuable contribution. Then he concluded by explaining the term “Engineering” in three words “Problem-Solving Exercise” and an Engineer in two words “Problem Solver”.  On the whole, the day was filled with most valuable ideas and thoughts to enable us to stay updated with ever evolving technology.


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Author: Vignesh Eswaramoorthy

Vicky is a Google Adwords & Analytics Certified Digital Marketer in BizTalk360. Having 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, he is responsible for taking the products to the global market. He also involves in BizTalk360 community activities and an active member of TechMeet360 Community.

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